Operation TITAN II

3 up to 7 players

1 escape room

60 to 75 minutes

Difficulty 4/5

Explorers get ready! A way has been found to access the B-423 military complex, a disused military base closed in 1991 in the greatest secrecy. But what does it hide that attracts so much attention? 

LAB's help Realistic setting, complex puzzles. An escape game formatted for 3 to 7 players. Special feature: depending on your actions in the game, your mission will last between 60 and 75 minutes. Allow 2 hours on site.

From age 16

35 swiss franc /p.

French / English

1H45 on site

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The opinion of Danistelle : We went there with friends to do the Base 423 escape room, and the game master was very welcoming. We had a great time and the decor was very well done. We'd love to go back! A must for escape room fans and thanks again for the friendly welcome from the game master.

The opinion ofAlain C. : Great times spent together, millennials and baby boomers solving riddles and challenges in a disused military base, with headlamps on the forehead .... 1 hour 30 minutes of happy brainstorming.

The opinion ofAlexandre A. : It's a great room with a brilliant decor, logic puzzles and interactive manipulations that are really engaging. I can't recommend it highly enough!



Oneway Escape

Escape games since: 2015
Origin : Lyon

Its history

The specialist in a new escape game concept based on Urbex: the exploration of closed or forbidden places. Here, a military base has been discovered, with several zones to explore inside...

Its creations

  • PC security - Base B423
  • Powerstation - Base B423