2x 4 to 10 players

2 escape rooms

60 min

Difficulty 4/5

Your neighbour Sam is an eccentric inventor. Last night he sent you a text message: "ALMA, it's out of control... Come and help me!"
He doesn't answer his phone and his door is locked from the inside. But who is this infamous ALMA? No one has ever seen Sam with her...
There's not much in his student studio apart from computers, a run-down kitchen and his DIY workshop... Is Sam hiding something?
Help him! Enter his home with the help of the owner to find out what's going on behind that door...

LAB's help : hackers (formerly Alma 3.0) is an escape room with original puzzles that require cohesion, communication and team spirit!
2 identical large-capacity escape rooms for 4 to 20 players. Created by the ARCANE Experience

From age 14 + 2 adults

CHF 30 to 35 /p.

Français / English

1H45 on site

The opinion of Amandine S. : A good escape game, there were 8 of us and no one was bored. One of the few rooms with so many people.


The opinion of Leo M : We came to the room Alma as a family, from 14 to 80 years old, and it was great! The welcome was top-notch from the ground floor right through to the hall! The 8 of us helped each other out really well, and the gamemaster gave us some invaluable advice that helped us get through! We'll be back with great pleasure! Really great service, kindness and professionalism! Well done and thank you for this great family time with you!

The opinion of MartinV974: We tried Alma 3.0 with some friends that day, but unfortunately failed at the last minute.

The puzzles are very well done and the room can accommodate a large group (up to 10 people), which is not very common. The puzzles follow each other well, with just the right amount of difficulty and immersion. The setting is effective. Lots of detail and plenty of clues, which make the game a lot of fun.

Highly recommended, especially if there are a lot of you.