escape game 1987

2x 3 up to 8 players

2 escape rooms

60 min

Difficulty 4/5

October 1987 - Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Vincent Flynn, a young highschooler, mysteriously disappeared.

He was your friend, and even though his strange behaviour kept you apart for some time, the last words he pronounced haunt you now.
"The portal is open! But soon the Demogorgon will take you away..."
We need to find out more and try to find Vincent!

Meeting up in the middle of the night with your mates, you're sneaking into the Flynns' house to find some clues.

A version of this game exists in France at Game Of Room Lyon under the name Demogorgon.

LAB's help Retro decor, toys and objects from the 80s... This room, inspired by the works of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and the Stranger Things series, will plunge you into a fascinating universe... A return to childhood for some, and new discoveries for others. 2 identical escape rooms for up to 16 simultaneous players

From age 12 + 1 adult or 14 alone

CHF 30 to 35 /p.

Français / English

1H30 on site

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Ambre's opinion : We had a great time before the New Year 🙂 the 1987 room was great and very immersive: decor, atmosphere and all the gadgets of the 80s were there! Special mention for the game master who was top-notch! A big thanks to him! We can't wait to try out the other rooms!

The opinion of Joy : Super escape game! We immersed ourselves in room 1987, looking for Vincent. We really liked the different concept of this escape game! Great atmosphere, and very good sequence of puzzles. Super pleasant game master 🙂
The opinion of David: Super fun! We had a great time in Room 1987! The retro atmosphere was there and the game master was top notch! Highly recommended!


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