Escape Game in Geneva

Escape LAB Geneva An incredible choice of adventures with 7 escape game themes, including 2 in 4D VR virtual reality. From 2 up to 60 players simultaneously. From CHF 30. Meet at 55 Bis Rue de Lyon, Geneva between Cornavin and Charmilles

- 2 rooms | max 16 players
- from 3 up to 8 players per team

Heading back to the 80s. Your friend has disappeared. His strange behaviour and his last words were disturbing: "The portal is open, the demogorgon will take you away"... Will you be able to find him?

- 2 rooms | 20 players max
- from 4 up to 10 players per team

A geek has created an artificial intelligence that's gone out of control. Break into his flat and stop this infernal machine!

- 1 room | max 8 players
- from 2 up to 8 players per team

A team of archaeologists has discovered an abandoned Mayan temple in the Mexican jungle. It is believed to contain a priceless artefact which looters are on the hunt for. Unlock the secrets of the temple and save the artefact before they arrive!

- 1 room (easy game)| max 7 players
- from 2 up to 7 players per team

In Egypt, the discovery of an ancient pyramid will reveal a dark secret. But there are risks involved, and be careful not to wake the mummy up .

- 1 room | 4 players max
- from 2 up to 4 players per team

The thrills and chills of 4D VR virtual reality are waiting for you. On this mysterious, vertiginous island, anything can happen...

- 1 room | 4 players max
- from 2 up to 4 players per team

Take off on a mission into space thanks to 4D virtual reality. Aboard the spaceship Eclipse, a sudden solar eruption could destroy your rescue mission.

- 1 room | 7 players max
- from 3 up to 7 players per team

A TITAN II missile hidden in Base B423 appears to have been rearmed! Enter this area, normally off-limits to the public, and stop the disaster in the making!

from 3 up to 60 players, 8 escape rooms & immersive adventures and 1 private area

Wide choice of Escape games

meeting room

Responsiveness & flexibility

Catering and restaurants

10min from the station

Enhanced security

Meet us at Rue de Lyon 55BIS, Geneva, Switzerland

  • If you like a well made theme in your escape room, this place has the props and atmosphere to really sell the experience.

    Tommy Mann Avatar Tommy Mann
    25 February 2020

    Celebrated my son's 12th b-day at Escape Lab with 18 kids, who played in 3 different rooms. It was excellent. Highly recommended escpae rooms,

    Nir Ofek Avatar Nir Ofek
    3 December 2019

    Nice rooms, good challenge

    Chris Yorston Avatar Chris Yorston
    6 August 2020
  • A very warm welcome and a good immersion in history thanks to the game master. I came with a colleague (we are game master) and 2 of my children. We went to the Mayan temple and loved it. The setting is magnificent and the puzzles excellent. We divided up the riddles well which enabled us to succeed 🙂

    cries Tine Avatar Tine Cries
    19 August 2020

    The atmosphere is really nice, the staff very welcoming, great escape game 👌

    Mickaël Chourgnoz Avatar Mickaël Chourgnoz
    7 October 2020

What is an escape room?

It's a 30 to 50m² room that you enter in teams of 3 to 10 people. You'll be surrounded by an incredible cinema-like setting, objects to be manipulated, riddles and clues.... All your senses, your logic and the cohesion of your team will be put to the test, and you'll have only a limited amount of time to complete your mission and get out... Secret passages, mechanisms and other illusions could be part of the game...