The awakening of the MOMIE

from 2 up to 7 players

1 escape room

60 min

Difficulty 1/5

Secrets buried since ancient Egypt continue to fuel the greatest fantasies. It is said that in the Nehkerah region, the pyramids house sarcophagi are filled with gold instead of the usual mummies.

A windstorm blew along the Nile for several days, revealing the tip of an unknown pyramid.

The hieroglyphs on the north face are clear: "The contents of this pyramid are of great value".
Those on the south face warn: "If the mummy of Lakfasles and his guardians awaken, a cataclysm will be unleashed".

Do you dare to enter? Find the entrance and don't be intimidated by the tomb's guardians....

LAB's help Are you fascinated by the pyramids of Egypt? By reading the hieroglyphs, discover an extraordinary adventure in a sacred tomb, which seems to be well guarded... This game is suitable for beginners and children aged 9 and over accompanied by 2 adults, or 14 and over on their own. An 8th player can be added on request. Created by PLAY Escape like the MAYA Jungle game.

From 9 years + 2 adults

30 to 35 CHF /p. except Duo 52.5 CHF /p.


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