Maya Jungle

from 2 up to 8 players

1 escape room

60 min

Difficulty 2/5

You will enter the Mexican jungle to reach the Uxmal camp.
A team of archaeologists has discovered an abandoned Mayan temple here, believed to contain an artefact of inestimable archaeological value.

But treasure looters are on their way. So the camp assistant needs a team of brave and clever adventurers to unlock the secrets of the temple and save the artefact before they arrive!

Put on your best hat, search the camp and prepare to enter this dangerous jungle... Will you escape unharmed?

LAB's help : Vous avez le goût de l'aventure ? PLAY Escape spécialiste en escape game et décors immersifs, a créé un décor bluffant inspiré par les grands aventuriers tel des Indiana Jones... mais attention aux pièges... NB : Jeu difficile à 2 joueurs. 

From age 10 + 1 adult

30 to 35 CHF /p. except Duo 52.5 CHF /p.

Français / English

1H30 on site

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

The opinion of Ana : We did the Mayan temple, Professor Jones's assistant explained it all to us, we managed to finish our mission and the decor is great, it's like being there 😉


The opinion of Angèle B. : Maya Jungle scenario tested and approved by friends! We all had a great time. The mechanics were great and the room was very immersive.


The opinion of Thomas : Great storyline, great atmosphere and a brilliant game master who helps out just when you need it! We'd definitely recommend it.