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Online team work sessions, hosted by actors aiming to re-discover the joy of puzzles, cooperation and virtual challenges.
Online survey - online quiz - online escape games

How does it work?
 We'll take into consideration your request, the number of participants, their characteristics, your goal, and the technological constraints, we're going to define the most approapriate scenario(s) and the corresponding quotation. You are going to receive a kit with guests' invitations for the chosen date and hour. On the day of, you are going to meet online your team members. Who's gonna win the mission?


Last night, the famous Magic Shaw tragically died during a magic trick. Was it an accident? A murder?

Lead the investigation in teams from 3 to 6 players (up to 150 players).
Take a virtual tour of the show room, the magic store, Shaw's apartment and find the clues to solve this mistery.

The crime and the writer

A famous writer has been found dead in his hotel room, leaving his last masterpiece unfinished. Your team has the duty of looking for his murderer and trying to find the end of his novel...

The crazy quiz!

Exactly like you see on tv! 1 host is going to direct a 60 minute game with teams competing against each other. Timed riddles, pop quiz, puzzles... from 10 up to 150 people, who's going to win?