Your questions

Practical info

 How do I get to Escape LAB Geneva?

Lab''s address is 55 Bis rue de Lyon in Genère, Switzerland.
50m from Parc Geisendorf

Cornavin station 10 minutes away

Tram: Poterie stop (5 mins)

Bus: Dôle stop

 Do you have access for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, we have a lift to enable people with reduced mobility to access the rooms. However, some of them are not adapted or require assistance. Please contact our team to discuss which room would be best suited to your situation.


What are the prices?

The price per player is set by each creator, but averages CHF 35 per person, depending on the game.

ALMA BASE B423 1987

In the event of cancellation or modification?
You can reschedule your session free of charge up to 10 days in advance.
After this time, your session cannot be modified.
No reservation can be cancelled or reimbursed except in the case of cancellation by ESCAPE LAB SARL alone.
You can add players (payment on site) within the limit of the number of players per room.
We are unable to refund orders, so we recommend that you make a reservation for players who have confirmed their attendance.

Consult the general terms and conditions of sale

Setting up the team

Can you play alone?

We don't currently have any Escape Rooms that can be played alone. 

What is the maximum number of players?

If you do the maths right, Escape LAB Geneva can accommodate up to 1.5 hours of simultaneous play.
Companies: up to 100 people, we offer a rotation of activities lasting around 3.5 hours.

What are the minimum and maximum ages?

Depending on the game, the minimum age for children is 14, 12 or 10 AND accompanied by an adult.
The minimum age and number of adults is specified on each form.
For information purposes, due to its complexity or questions, the escape game is not recommended for children under 12, and there is no maximum age.

Your events at Escape LAB - RUE DE LYON

How do I book for a group?

Bookings for groups (more than 10 people) can be made online via request a quote.

What event organisation services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services for your events at Escape LAB, including :

  • Meeting room hire
  • Cocktail lounge hire
  • Breakfast / Catering / Buffet
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Workshops
How long can I reserve a space for?

A space can be reserved for between 1 hour and 1 day.
All the games and private areas are in the same place at 55 BIS Rue de Lyon in Geneva.


Can I book directly online?

You can book your Escape Game directly via our website 

Can I book by phone?

Reservations can be made by telephone with our super team.

How do I request a quote?

You can request a quote by :

How do I pay for my quote?

You can pay for your quote either by credit card or bank transfer. Contact us for any other method of payment

Can I change my booking?

It is not possible to reduce the number of people taking part, but you can increase the number of participants depending on the capacity of the room. You can also change to another room, subject to availability and a maximum of 10 days before the session.

Playing the game

How long can you arrive in advance and how long does a game last?

You don't need to arrive early. You just need to be on time and all together. Playing time varies from room to room. On average, you will spend 1h30 at Escape LAB Geneva. The duration is specified on the description of each room.

How are we prepared and how are we supported?

The Escape Game requires no physical or mental preparation, just a briefing at the start of the game. Only your group plays inside the room. However, a supervisor will monitor your team via video surveillance.

One of the participants can't come or is late. What should I do?

In the interests of organisation and game time, participants who are more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed to play the Escape Game.

Can we bring an extra player on the day?

Within the limits of the room's capacity, it will be possible to add an extra player. You will need to bring the player(s) with you on the day of the Escape Game. Payment will be made on site.

Choice of game

Which room is right for my child?

The Escape Game can be played as a family, with children accompanied by their parents.
Due to the complexity of the puzzles, we do not recommend that unaccompanied children play. The minimum age is specified on the description of each room.
The game master reserves the right to refuse a child under the stated age.

Do you have rooms in a language other than French?

These themes are currently available in English:

What are the levels of difficulty?

There are many levels of difficulty to suit all types of participant. The level of complexity is indicated on the description of each room.

How many rooms do you have?

You can see all the rooms available on the website:

General questions

What is an Escape Game?

An Escape Game is a game played in teams in a room. There are settings, riddles and a mission to complete, or not ... Communication, teamwork and thinking skills are all needed to succeed.  What is a game space via

What is Escape LAB?

Escape LAB Geneva is a collaborative complex, with several independent Escape Game creators. We have :

  • 500 m² reserved for Escape Games
  • 100 m² of private areas

For more information, please visit our website:


The entire facility, materials and games comply with stringent safety standards.
Emergency exits and safety procedures are in place.
Are we being filmed and do we have the right to film?

For security reasons, the rooms are filmed but not recorded.
It is strictly forbidden to take photos or videos inside the rooms, under penalty of exclusion.

Are we really locked in a room?

Not really. All our rooms meet safety standards and have emergency exits.