In this adventure, you play as teenagers in the 80s.

October 1987 - Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Vincent Flynn, a young high school student, disappears mysteriously.

His strange and mysterious behavior worried his family and all his friends. They even decided to move away from him. However, since his disappearance, they are haunted by the last words pronounced by the teenager. "The portal is open! He still needs to gain strength, but the next October 31, when midnight will sound, The Demogorgon will come ... "

Decided to learn more about this strange story, they break into the night flynn family in 1987.

A similar version of this game exists in France at Game Of Room Lyon under the name Demogorgon

2X 3 to 8 players

60 minutes

40% success

: Welcome to 1987, a retro decor reminiscent of sacred memories in the thirties. This room inspired by the works of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg or Stranger Things will immerse you in a fascinating world ...

2 similar escape rooms for 3 to 16 simultaneous players (2 rooms of 3-8 players).

Duration : 1H30
Children : from 16 years alone or from 12 years old accompanied by 2 minimum adult players.
French & English version available

3 to 8 players: 1 privatized escape room | 9 to 16 players: 2 privatized rooms
35 CHF per person| Shared payment available see more


Game of room

Escape games depuis : 2014
Origine : Lyon
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